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BevoNac schooling

Bevola has conducted an educational day about BevoNac in Växjö >>

Constant low pressure

Swedish Trailer Magazine followed a mini test. Read more about the large savings there is to gain >>

Bevolas new Nordic axle

BevoNac is the name of the new Nordic axle concept that Bevola will introduce at Vestfyn trækker >>

ROR is flourishing in Denmark

Axel Andersen from Odense, got 4 flower carts delivered, with 2, 10 tons ROR axles >>

Meritor who provided Bevola with ROR axles is closing, but the ROR axles are proceeding.

ROR axle - from Assali Stefen

Assali Stefen takes over 

After the financial crises, Meritor has chosen to withdraw from the European market within trailer axles. For more than 25 years, Meritor has got their axles produced at Assali Stefen in Italy, and now Assali Stefen is taking over under license and is continuing the entire axle production at their top modern production facilities.   

No changes - only improvements 

As a customer at Bevola, you will not experience any kind of changes or problems with the delivery of axles. Bevola is continuing on, as we have done until now. In the longer run, there will be improvements in several areas, e.g. security of supply, quality, and flexibility. We are expecting that a good product will become even better.

Bevola and the customers are collaboration

Our success with axles is the story about the close collaboration between the supplier and the customer. The goal is to create the best operating economy in all sections, through adjustment, and continuous optimization in all aspects. Our common success is our customer's accomplishment - we would therefore like to use this opportunity to thank for the great ideas and testing's, which were constantly made by the many skilled body builders and haulers, who we work with on a daily basis.

The results speak for themselves -they have given better bottom line for all.

Bevola and CAAC

Bevola has many years of theoretical and practical experience with axles. We have used this experience actively within our new CAAC platform - this is an advantage for our customers. CAAC is standing for; "Computerized Axle Adjustment Concept". With CAAC all axles are measured with lasers and are adjusted perfectly before delivery. This adjustment is giving the haulers the markets biggest savings on tire wear, fuel savings and repairs. CAAC is also giving a clearly improved environment and less wear on the roads. 

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  • We are testing with success

    Bevola is testing on both BevoBur as well as BevoUrd. The projects are unfolding in the Swedish forests and are including the development of a standing shock absorber, for our ROR axles, and a breaking caliber, which has been moved up, and therefore created larger clearance.
    Read more about the projects >>
  • Axle sales are exploding

    The axle sales have been kicked off, and are showing a positive development, which is underlined by a clear tendency - Bevolas axles are winning in the long run. Bevola is presenting the new Nordic axle concept, BevoNac, at the Elmia exhibition, in Sweden, in august.
    Read more about the axle sales >>
  • Service shops

    You can see a detailed overview on the map, on BevoNacs service shops, in the Nordic countries, with data like name, address, phone number etc.
    Find your service shop here >