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Environment, climate and CSR


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BevoNac schooling

Bevola has conducted an educational day about BevoNac in Växjö >>

Constant low pressure

Swedish Trailer Magazine followed a mini test. Read more about the large savings there is to gain >>

Bevolas new Nordic axle

BevoNac is the name of the new Nordic axle concept that Bevola will introduce at Vestfyn trækker >>

ROR is flourishing in Denmark

Axel Andersen from Odense, got 4 flower carts delivered, with 2, 10 tons ROR axles >>

Topics like the environment and the climate, are important issues on Bevolas agenda. We have developed the concept BevoCare. BevoCare is supporting our ethical view on the sustainable business.

To be a sustainable business in the future, it is important to incorporate the environment in two dimensions - the working environment including CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as one dimension, and the environment in a climate-related perspective as the other dimension.

The environment and climate do not only have to be fancy words and broken expectations, it is actually a god business plan.

We all have an ethical obligation to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations. Furthermore, we have to create the innovative workplace which continues to support the society and improves the individual employee.

The EU climate objective

Bevolas focus on climate is in line with the EU climate objective (20-20-20). We are trying to implement these conditions into our own solutions, from start to finish. Bevola is also a pioneer in terms of presenting an official climate account. The first time we presented an official climate account was in 2009. See the scores under 'climate account',  or click here >


Bevola offers counseling to our customers concerning environmental opportunities in the business development, and on how to create a better environment as well as more money on the bottom line.   

Read the article about CSR here: 

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  • We are testing with success

    Bevola is testing on both BevoBur as well as BevoUrd. The projects are unfolding in the Swedish forests and are including the development of a standing shock absorber, for our ROR axles, and a breaking caliber, which has been moved up, and therefore created larger clearance.
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  • Axle sales are exploding

    The axle sales have been kicked off, and are showing a positive development, which is underlined by a clear tendency - Bevolas axles are winning in the long run. Bevola is presenting the new Nordic axle concept, BevoNac, at the Elmia exhibition, in Sweden, in august.
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  • Service shops

    You can see a detailed overview on the map, on BevoNacs service shops, in the Nordic countries, with data like name, address, phone number etc.
    Find your service shop here >